December 29, 2011

Big Yay Paper Chain Company

Quite often I find I have friends in far away places counting down to something exciting. And I want to help them celebrate. So I developed my own paper chain kit company. It's not a true company, as I don't sell anything and no one buys anything. But nonetheless, I've made it look like a paper chain company. And here's the only product the company has:

Big Yay Paperchain Company is a company that sends out build-your-own paper chains. I personalize each package, with stickers and patterned papers for the event.

With each kit I offer an instruction sheet. It explains how to make a paper chain. It also provides details about how many links are provided (enough to fulfill the countdown), as well as the day the countdown should start. I print that sucker out on plain paper, add a lovely black cardstock backing, and then get creative with a whole punch. I loop ribbon through the punched holes to make it more decorative. I'm pretty sure I haven't looped the ribbon the same way twice.

When my friend was getting a (much needed) divorce and was counting down the days until it was final, I used girl's night out style paper. For my friend that was coming to visit, I used papers patterned with things about the area I live in. Another friend was counting down the days until her deployed husband came home, so I used Americana type paper. You get the idea.

For the themed paper links, I use 12" x 12" scrapbook paper. I get 13 1" wide strips out of the paper (each is 1" x 11"). You'll need to figure out the quantity, which can be difficult since time keeps on ticking while you're creating and while it's in the mail. This is why I usually provide a start date.

Package it all up with a little stapler. This makes the kit complete. Then mail it out.

I've only ever had good response from these. I don't ever tell the person it's in the mail. They know nothing about it until a random envelope shows up in their mailbox. And it's from some company called Big Yay! Paper Chain Company. Who wouldn't love that?!

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  1. So awesome!! I wish you were my friend and could send me one! lol.. you could seriously sell these!