November 8, 2011

Fall Argyle Wreath

This bad boy I made for my front door. It's inspired by about seventeen million different wreaths pinned on Pinterest. Go search for "wreath" and you'll see what I mean. It's why I can't source just one. There isn't just one.

3 sheets green felt
1/2 sheet purple and yellow
Gray yarn
Foam wreath
Fall decorations
Gel glue
Pretend the picture above has all green felt (I used the brown in a pinch - I only had two sheets of green)

Step 1: Cute each sheet of green felt in half (the long way). The cut each half into 1.5"ish strips (the short way)

Step 2: Glue the strips to the wreath, overlapping slightly.

Step 3: Cut the purple and yellow felt in half (long ways). Then cut each half into quarters. You should end up with 8 small rectangles for each color.

Step 4: Cut diamonds from each rectangle (fold in half twice over. Cut off the corner. Ta-da - a diamond.)

Step 5: Glue diamonds to wreath, alternating colors and overlapping tips slightly.

Step 6: Wrap the yarn at an angle in one direction (clockwise) until you get back to where you started. Tie off yarn underneath. Repeat in the opposite direction (counter-clockwise).

Step 7: Glue fall decoration over the area you like the least (like if you had to use brown felt when you ran out of green felt.)

Step 8: Hang!

Moose Tracks:
I kind of liked the color blocking I unintentionally created with the brown felt Perhaps I'll make one for Christmas that's color blocked Christmas colors. Seems fun.
If you're hanging this outside, I'd suggest backing the wreath with a donut of cardboard or some coordinating/matching felt.
I haven't done so yet, but I fully intend to line the edge of the wreath (where the felt end and the back of the wreath begins) with a length of brown ribbon. All the way around. It might be cute.

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