November 14, 2011

Grandparent Christmas Gift

This puppy's straight from Pinterest here (Note: I tried to link the blog this came from, but it doesn't exist anymore. Sorry.) I can't embroider. At all. needle crafts aren't my thing. If I can't duct tape it I usually don't do it. But this I could do.

Cloth (like muslin or something easily embroiderable)
Embroidery thread - one color for each hand
Needle (and threader)
Washable marker (I used a sewing-specific one)
Embroidery Hoop

Step 1: Use the cardstock to trace each family member's hand print. Cut out each hand slightly smaller than the tracing.

Step 2: Place fabric in embroidery hoop, aiming for the middle of the fabric (if framing.) Pull fabric taut.

Step 3: Trace around the largest hand outline with washable marker.

Step 4: Thread needle. Start sewing/embroidering along the drawn hand.

Step 5: Continue until the first hand is done. Layer the second hand over the first, following steps 3 and 4 with a different color embroidery thread color.

Continue until all the hands have been embroidered.

Optional: Using the washable marker, write the year or family name near the hands. Embroider with yet another thread color.

Step 7: Remove fabric from hoop. Wash lightly in cool water. Let dry. Iron flat.

Step 8: Trim fabric to frame size. Frame.

Step 9: Wrap and put under the Christmas tree.

Moose Tracks:
Of course I forgot to take a pic before I wrapped the frames. So, you don't get a fully framed shot. My apologies.
I used a gradient of blue colors to donate the boys in the family. I used pink to highlight me (the only chick in this joint.) I feel like it gives another element to the project.
I chose to embroider (ha!) the year underneath the hands. The first one I tried was with a smaller date. That's hard to embroider. So, the second time around I went with a larger "2011". It came out much better.
Again, I have no idea if the stitch method I used is actually embroidery. I'm sure it's not. I went purely on instinct and I'm happy with how it turned out. In an effort to not develop my own language, I'm simply calling my hot mess of a stitch embroidery. Don't flame me.


  1. Hi, The blog still exists: Using google search image I easily found it (I don't know what I'd do without this search app because I want to know where my photos are ending up :) ). Love this project. Also, I find lots of Pinterest links are broken, or weren't properly pinned with to begin with.

  2. Yay! So glad the blog still exists. Bummer on the broken link, but luckily you've found me and given a good link. I appreciate it!
    Both sets of grandparents loved the hands! Sometime soon I'm going to make one for our wall here at home.

  3. How you turned out this...I am going to make one
    Send gifts to pakistan if i remember.