November 8, 2011

This Little Guy Needs a Name

I made this nameless guy after spying something similar here. The beauty of this little guy is that you don't have to be a seamstress to do this. It's just a few straight lines.

1/4 Yard+ Soft material (I used a blue gray flannel)
Two buttons, preferably not exactly alike
Coordinating fabric scrap
Black yarn
Embroidery thread
Polyester fill
Sewing Needle
thread or sewing machine

Step 1: Double over the fabric and cut out a rough monster shape.

Step 2: Using black yarn, sew on a mouth on the right side of one piece of fabric.

Step 3: Cut out a circle larger than the button. Sew button and circle onto monster. Sew on other eye. Use yarn for both.
Step 3: Turn fabric so right sides are facing each other (you want the "good" sides facing each other. (Optional - pin fabric together around edges. I did not.)

Step 4: Using either a sewing machine or do so by hand, sew around the outside of the monster, making sure to leave a space large enough for you hand to fit through. I left the space at the top.
Step 5: Trim corners, making sure not to clip sewn thread. The clipped corners will allow you to turn the corners rightside out easier.
Step 6: Turn your monster right side out. Use a capped pen or corner turner to help push the corners out,.
Step 7: Stuff him, making sure to use small amounts of fill to stuff the arms and the legs.

Step 8: Using embroidery thread, stitch the hole up. I chose to stitch all teh way across the top (making sure to not make it too good looking). This made the hand-stitched area look kind of like hair. I also didn't have to worry about making the seam perfect.

Step 9: Using a needle and embroidery thread, thread 3"ish long pieces of thread through the top of the monster (half of the thread on each side). Double knot the thread. Continue at random intervals across the top of the monster. Now you have hair!
Step 10: Name him (I still have to complete this step)

Moose Tracks:
I'll be making another one of these very shortly. I intend to make it a girl by adding a bow and using a heart shape for the backing of the eye. As long as the fabric is soft, it'll be perfect. Don't worry.
Oh - sorry about the sideways pictures. I'm pretty sure blogger hates me.


  1. I'm thinking Dorf. Dorf, or maybe Louis.

  2. Rick.

    (great blog, btw. found you via pinterest!)

  3. Love the ideas! Thanks! I believe the recipient went with the name Frank.
    Glad you're enjoying the blog!