January 2, 2012

Scooter Boards

My boys love anything with wheels. And if it's something they can do together - AND has wheels - it's golden in the Moose house.

So, we've made scooter boards. Pretty easy to make.

Scrap wood - approx 14" x 14"
4 casters
16 screws, no longer than the width of the scrap wood
Cut board to size. Square is ideal, but a perfect square just isn't necessary. We used an old scrap piece of laminate countertop. It's what we had handy.

Attach a caster in each corner using the screws.

Sand down any sharp/rough edges.

Have fun.
Moose Tracks:
You could paint or decoupage or decorate the heck out of this thing,. I would have if it weren't for the laminate countertop material.
My boys love to take turns sitting on the scooter and having the other push him around. It's a ton of fun.
Baby Moose (shown above) is wearing a helmet. It's not because helmets are necessary on these (although it's never a bad idea), but because he'd just gotten off a motorized vehicle that did require a helmet.
We often move the livingroom furniture around to create some sort of a racetrack or obstacle course. Then the boys each take a scooter board and race. It's perfect rainy day fun.

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  1. I found this on Pinterest and plan to make a couple for my daughters. Thank you for the easy instructions!