October 6, 2011

Celebrate good times, Come on!

I have a way of deciding to make cards for coworkers at about 5:30am, just as I running out the door to go to work. So, I grab some basic cardstock and go. Then, I make the card using whatever I have on hand in my office. luckily for me, I stock quite a bit more "stuff" than what I actually use as an engineer. So, you get creative cards. And, in case anyone from work reads this blog, I promise I didn't take anything from the first-aid cabinet this time.

To celebrate a friend's new job/commitment/version of hell, I made a celebration card. Simple black cardstock folded into a card shape. White cardstock, cut slightly smaller than the front. Then I clipped off some curled ribbon from a gift bag I had just hanging around (seriously - I have the most random stuff in my desk.) Some glue and a silver sharpie later, Viola - a celebration card.
It's a 3D card. It's not the sort of thing you shove in an envelope and mail. ribbon curls are amazingly pathetic when smooshed. But there you have - a lazy-girl's congrats card.

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