October 6, 2011

A most uneventful muffin

So, I pinned a muffin that promised to be "the best muffin ever" and "a culinary foodgasm." So, Toddler Moose and I spent a lovely weekend morning preparing breakfast muffins (their rightful name, from what I gather.) And, I have to say I was underwhelmed. They're fine. They taste like muffins with nutmeg and cinnamon and sugar. Mostly because they're muffins with nutmeg and cinnamon and sugar. But that's where the excitement ends.

I didn't see fireworks, I had no involuntary moaning or bosom-heaving while consuming said muffin, and I definitely had no desire to go back for seconds.
So, I challenge you to make these bad boys and tell me what I'm missing. Are my tastebuds whack? Did I potentially do something wrong? I'm I too unsophisticated to handle such awesomeness? You tell me. Here's the recipe.

I promise you to share the absolutely best muffin recipe ever - next time I make them. You'll never look at a blueberry muffin the same way again.


  1. I've made these and they're great. Did you roll them in the butter and then the sugar mixture? That's the key. If you skip that step, they're pretty boring. But really, you roll anything in butter and cinnamon sugar and it's going to be awesome.

  2. Yup - did the butter and cinnamon-sugar thing. Still not sold on these being amazing. They were fine. Not bad. Acceptable. I just don't think they deserve the OMG IT'S THE BEST THING EVER!!! endorsement they normally get.