October 6, 2011

Pumpkin Pull-Apart Bread

Another yummy recipe. Another yeast dough (oh, how I loathe rolling out yeast doughs)

This recipe came straight from Pinterest (see here).

Moose Tracks:
The only modification I made was to add a bit of rum extract to the bread. But, faithful readers of my blog know I do that with any pumpkin recipe.
I didn't add the glaze to the bread, as it wasn't necessary.
I also don't have a picture of the bread out of the pan. For two reasons: 1) It fell apart as soon as it came out of the pan. This actually made it easier to claim a chunk of bread for myself. Mr Moose grabbed the rest, and B) The bread so so ooey-gooey because of the caramelized goop that collects at the bottom of the pan.
The ooey-gooeyness made me realize that the dough and sugary filling would be perfect for my version of cinnamon rolls. I grew up calling them cinnamon rolls, but they're more akin to sticky buns. And yet they're none of the above. But they are the greatest things known to man. Someday I'll make some and take a picture for you. Simply to make you jealous. Okay, maybe I'll share my recipe, too.

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