October 6, 2011

Pizza Rolls

I was so busy eating the following to remember to take a picture. Luckily I snuck one in just before they were all consumed.

This recipe is inspired by something I saw on Pinterest (here). But instead of getting a computer or phone or iPad or whatever and finding the recipe, I just made something up. So, enjoy.

Pizza Rolls:
1 tube pizza dough (a la Pillsbury)
favorite pizza meat (pepperoni, ham, whatever)
4 sticks string cheese
cooking spray
parmesean cheese
Italian seasoning
pizza sauce

Heat oven to 400degrees.

Spread out pizza dough. Slice into approx 20 squares (about 1.5" per side)
Cut each piece of string cheese into 5 smaller pieces.

Place a slice of meat and a piece of cheese on every square. Fold dough around meat and cheese, pressing edges together to seal. Place pizza ball seam side down in greased 9" pan (round or square - doesn't matter to me). Continue making pizza rolls. They'll touch in the pan, but that's okay.

Spray tops of rolls with cooking spray. Sprinkle with Italian seasoning and parmesean cheese.
Cook 20-25 minutes.

When cooled slightly, serve on one big plate, allowing everyone to peel off their own pizza ball. or just eat straight out of the pan without regard to ettiquite, as Mr Moose and I did.
Dip pizza balls in warmed pizza sauce.

Moose Tracks:
Olive Oil spray works best, in my opinion. Any pure oil spray - meaning those that aren't mean't for baking and don't contain flour - will work.
Get crazy with the spice. If you like red peppers on your pizza, why not sprinkle some on top?
Get creative with meat choices. I used pepperoni because it's what I had. I'd actually have preferred thin ham.
Also, feel free to add "toppings" on top of each ball. If I'd had them, I would have placed a mushroom slice on top of the dough before spraying with oil. Go crazy - it's hard to mess this one up.

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