October 17, 2011

Spiderweb Wreath

Every year I make at least three of these - One for my front door, and two to give away. They take all of 90 minutes (max) and are pretty easy on the concentration (I typically make them while watching TV).


Embroidery Hoop (I usually purchase wood, but used a blue on for contrast in the pics)
Black Yarn (The pic above has "fuzzy" yarn for the swirl)
Fabric in fun Halloween colors - tulle, quilting fabrics, etc
Small decorative spider (totally optional)

Step 1: Take the outer ring off the embroidery hoop. You'll use it later.

Step 2: Tie black yarn across the inside hoop to create "pie slices." This is the web.

Step 3: Take a long length of yarn and cut it off the skein. You'll need a smaller yarn ball to do the swirl.

Step 4: Starting at the middle, tie the yarn around the web intersection.

Step 5: In a swirl pattern, start looping the yarn around the existing web.
My looping technique.
Step 6: Continue looping yarn around until you reach the embroidery hoop.

Step 7: Tie the yarn off on the hoop.
Step 8: Reattach the outer hoop. Tighten the thumb screw.

Step 9: Cut off the ends of the yarn. The embroidery hoop will help hold the knot and a bit of extra yarn in place.
Step 10: Rip, snip, pink or shred the fabric into ~1" strips (1" by at least 6")
Step 11: Using any pattern of color you wish, start tying the fabric strips around the hoop, making sure to keep the fabric ties close together.

Step 12: Continue until the whole wreath has fabric around the outside.

Step 13: Fluff fabric so it uniformly sticks out from the wreath. Trim fabric in any manner that appeals to you.

Step 14 (optional): Trim fabric ends into any shape that appeals to you (I never do this). Glue on cute spider decoration. Add hanging ribbon (the htumbscrew area of the outer hoop is a great place to hang the ribbon)

Moose Tracks:
- If I'm shipping the wreath I've been known to glue the outer ring to the inner one - just for warm fuzzies.
- I've used every manner of fabric available. I've cut it super short, I've left it super long. I've even used ribbon instead of fabric strips. I've used printed fabric )think pumpkins and witches hats), I've used plain. I've used tulle and even brocade (not my recommendation on that last one.) They've all turned out cute. Go with what works for you!
- The more homespun and crafty the fabric strips are (read - not even and definitely hairing), the more charm these wreaths seem to have. So don't fuss too much.
- I usually end up buying fat quarters for this if I'm doing the quilting fabrics.
- I never put the spider on my own wreaths. I always add the spider when I'm giving it as a gift.


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  2. I'll check out your blog. Thanks for sharing! Hope you're enjoying what you see here.