January 2, 2012

DIY Balloon Drop

For the Noon Year's Eve party I wanted something big to happen at Noon. And what kid doesn't love a gazillion balloons?! So a balloon drop it is.

I used a standard paper tablecloth - the kind with a plastic backing, a piece of yearn about 10' long, a hole puncher, 91 balloons, and some confetti.

Step 1: Cut tablecloth in half to create two almost squares.

Step 2: Along the cut edge of each half, punch holes, approx 1" apart.

Step 3: Thread yarn through holes, creating a "zipper" through the middle of the tablecloth, making sure to leave most of the yarn hanging from one side (this will become the ripcord when it's time for the drop).
Step 4: Hang the tablecloth from the ceiling. Duct tape works perfectly for this. We used command adhesive and some plastic hooks. Just make sure you hang it so there's some slack in the tablecloth. That's where you'll put the balloons.

Step 5: Blow up balloons until your lungs hurt and your fingers are raw from tying the darn things. I used 91 balloons - a mixture of 7" and 9".

Step 6: Place balloons in tablecloth.

Step 7: Throw confetti on top of balloons.
When it's time for the balloon drop, quickly pull the yarn ripcord. The balloons and confetti will drop. And the kids will love it (adults too!)


  1. This is FANTASTIC!!! I love it! We'll be doing this for New Years...next year. My kids will flip out! Thanks for the idea!!! :)

  2. I found you through Pinterest, What a great idea! My little guy is obsessed with balloons, I think I may have to do this for his birthday party.

  3. We'll likely be doing balloon drops from now until the Moose children have outgrown us Moose parents. It was a HUGE hit.
    glad you guys found the blog and are enjoying the idea. I appreciate you stopping by to leave comments!

  4. My family has been hosting a New Year's party for friends for the last 4 years. We usually have somewhere around 40 people (most of them kiddos) who ring in the new year at 6pm, which is midnight in my husband's hometown in Germany. This will be a great addition to our tradition!

  5. I'm gonna use this idea but put the peoples names on each balloon, so they have to look for theirs when dropped and in each one will be a $1.00 scratch ticket. We only have around 10-12 people so not a huge cost, but should be lots of fun :)

  6. to save your lungs you can use a air mattress compressor to fill balloons :) love your idea

  7. I love this idea!!! Super cute!! I just linked your idea in my blog post....found the idea on pinterest. Happy New Year!

  8. Great idea!! I posted a link to this on my blog about how to “Spend New Years Eve with Your Kids” It gives ideas for crafts, games, and activities to countdown to the new year. I suggested changing the color of the ribbons for a New Years Eve theme. Thanks!

  9. That little girl looks an awful lot like my daughter lol
    you don't live in nc do you