September 26, 2011

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Toddler Moose has decided he needs to be a spider for Halloween. Easy-peasy. I just need a 6-armed sweatshirt (his legs are the other two), some black pants and a bunch of eyes. Toddler Moose has the pants. It was the rest I needed to make. So I did.

2 pair men's black socks
Stuffing (like Poly-fil)
Black ribbon
Sewing materials or fabric glue
Black Hat
8 Googly Eyes

Optional materials:
3 pair cotton gloves
felt in a matching or coordinating color
Lay out the sweatshirt and the socks to create six arms.

Using a seam ripper or scissors, rip the side seams where the socks will intersect the sweatshirt for a total of four openings.

Stuff the socks with stuffing.
Invert sweatshirt (if not already done.) Place the stuffed socks inside the sweatshirt, oriented so the heel of the socks faces up (toward the neckline.) Pull the end of the socks through the open seams. Glue or stitch in place.
Cut off excess sock material from the inside of the sweatshirt.

Invert sweatshirt with socks. Tie ribbon around the lower socks to keep them attached to the sweatshirt's sleeve. Sew or glue ribbon onto/into sleeve.

Decorate sweatshirt as you like. For my formal little spider, I cut a bow tie out of felt and glued it on. I also stuffed gloves with polyester stuffing and glued them on the end of the socks.
Hat (not really pictured): Glue large googly eyes in a cluster to the front of the hat.

Moose Tracks:
When we actually go out trick or treating on Halloween, Toddler Moose will be sporting black pants, black shoes and white gloves on his hand.
His girlfriend will also be a spider. Her spider has purple gloves, a girly purple bowtie and feminine googly eyes (the kind with fake eyelashes.)
Had he asked to be a "scary spider", I would have used red felt and given Toddler Moose an hourglass belly for a black widow.

Trick or treat!

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