September 20, 2011

Snail Mail

I recently had a friend in need of some cheering up. So, I decided to send her a card (I think Hallmark calls 'em "Encouragement" cards.) Since I was sending it via snail mail, I figured sending a snail would brighten her day, too. Who doesn't love to get something in the mail? Not me!

cut your favorite color(s) felt into 1" strips.
Wrap the felt around itself, creating the shell of the snail.
Glue ends to hold it together.
Glue another strip to the bottom of the roll, gluing the seam of the shell down.
Customize the tail and face of the snail using scissors.
Glue on your favorite googly eyes.
Hand bend the face down.

Friend should get this cute little guy in the mail later this week. I hope it brightens her day like I expect it to.

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