September 20, 2011

Lemon Pull Apart Bread

Mr Moose is a sucker for lemon bread. I'm a sucker for baking as soon as a hint of briskness hits the air. We're made for each other.

I found this lemon pull apart bread on Pinterest.
Yeast breads are a PITA where I live. So, it was a true labor of love to make this for hubs.

The pic is before adding the tangy cream cheese frosting stuff. Honestly, it's not necessary. It added a little something, but the bread was awesome without it.

Next time I try this (which'll be a while, as it's a yeast bread and you already know how I feel about that,) I'll be modifying the recipe to make orange pull apart bread. Mr Moose doesn't care for orange too much, but it can't always be about him.

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