September 24, 2011

Moose Fail

Alrighty. I agreed - somewhere on the right-hand side of your screen - to share my adventures in baking. And, that doesn't always mean they'll be successful. As much as I deny it, I have to accept that fact that i'm human and I make mistakes. It's okay; you are too.

So, this misadventure is the Pinterest-famous Mini Kiss Pie. I'm pretty sure they have a different name on each board it's pinned on. but nonetheless, it's a little bite-sized pie using simply pie crust and a Hershey's kiss. What's to mess up, right? They started out so very promising.

They started out normal. I followed the recipe to a T. And I don't usually, so this is big!

But, this happened:
Even the best of the bunch looked horrible.
So, I'm calling this one a bust. Not because anything's wrong with the recipe. The recipe's great. It works. What went wrong here was my choice of Hershey's Kisses.

If you ever go find the recipe out on Pinterest or the interwebs, just keep in mind one thing: DO NOT USE THE CARAMEL HERSHEY'S KISSES!

I did because it's what I've got at home. And I wanted to try these. But I didn't stop to think about what I was actually doing. Caramel, when baked, is molten. Think about it: Remember that time you made turtle brownies and tried to sneak a nibble fresh out the oven? Remember how you cursed and ran for the sink and had to put out your sizzling lip and/or tongue? Yeah, that's caramel.

Caramel heats quickly and to a high temperature. Which means the softened chocolate isn't much of a containment device for molten caramel. And the end result looks a little something like I posted above.

It's not a total loss - Mr Moose is enjoying cleaning up the casualties from this baking war.


  1. I do something similar in a low-carb version with sugar free Hershey's chocolate mini bars and low carb wraps and splenda, and I fry them. Then I make homemade whipped cream and eat them with that. It's like a melted chocolate empanada and it's scrumptious! Never thought about caramel, but that's mostly because sugar free caramel (besides being an oxymoron) doesn't sit well in my stomach.

  2. Sugar-free caramel sounds horrible.