September 22, 2011

Moose Dropping

If Moose Tracks are my notes along the way in any given post, then a Moose Dropping must be a random post containing neither crafts nor foods. Sometimes it'll be tips and tricks. Other times it'll be general notes from the Moose herself (btw - it's always the Moose herself. I haven't shared my blogger password with anyone, nor given them access to post on my blog.)

Photos: I'm not a photographer. In fact, I'm nothing like a photographer. My camera of choice is often my cell phone. I don't set up shots - I take them as they come. My shots aren't professional. I don't spend hours making sure the subject is perfectly placed and lit. Nope. I point and shoot.
What this means for you: My photos are real. The fallen cake, the goopy glue on a craft, the splotchy fabric, the misadventure in creating. All are real. Love 'em or leave 'em, but choose to deal either way. Much like I tell my little Moose (<- that's plural), you get what you get.

And hey! If you're reading this and you're not Mel (as she's obligated), then THANKS! Hope you're enjoying, learning and growing. I appreciate it.

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